Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Women Who Snowshoe

Wow. It's been a long time since I've done an entry, aye? Here's a little attempt at catch-up...some pics from a Women's Snowshoe Adventure up Sonora Pass in early January before I returned to work. If you're one of my Facebook friends (and you know you wanna be!), you've seen most of these, but I've added a few that some of the other gals took.

Having just piled out of the trucks at the bottom of Sonora, we're all ready to go. Left to Right: Debbie, Kim, Aimee, Malinda, and Arleen. I'm behind the camera.

But jumped into this one while Kim took the camera reins. I wanted proof that I 'shoed with these wild women!

Finally heading up the pass. The snow was icy, icy, icy, so there was no sneaking up on unsuspecting mountain lions and bears. Shucks.

Leave it to Arleen to get a snap of me blowing my nose. Yah...like people really want to see that.

We left 108, the main road, and wandered about a bit near Cloudburst. Here, we did a little winter Rockettes pose.

It's true that I might have had a few drinks the night before, but this is not what it looks like. Arleen (again) actually caught Kim and me in an odd-looking pose one second before this was taken, as Kim was having me, well, stare at her boobs so she could see them in the reflection of my sunglasses. I know...but she was intrigued by her sports-bra uni-boob. Really....who designed those?!!! At this point, we were hysterical with laughter.

Once we'd channeled Jeremiah Johnson and gotten serious again, we headed into the aspen. Gotta love the aspen.

With Kim as our fearless leader, we came to this RAGING RIVER that we had to cross...here, Arleen takes her turn. And I must say, those are some STYLIN' snowpants, Arleen! They make you look, oh, 15.

And to think...my students don't believe me when I tell them I can walk on water!

We took a little break at this conveniently located picnic table along the way. We hoped the winter equivalent of some "cabana boys" would show up with coffee and Baileys, but no such luck.

And when we looked up from the picnic table, this is what we saw. Kinda makes you want to live in a nest.

Kim might be fearless, but she forgot here that we needed snow...

...so we just smiled and waited for Kim to find a trail with some of the white stuff.

Malinda made like a mountain goat and headed up into the rocky cliffs to see if it was worthwhile to go straight or whether we should turn around.

We made a loop to get back out of Cloudburst, and headed further up 108. On the way, of course, we had to stop for lunch. Well, and some MGD 64. (Thanks, Kim!)