Friday, November 18, 2011


Ok, ok, I know I started blogging about our trip to Scotland back in June, and was supposed to continue that. And I will. But, geeze, it's been a RIDICULOUSLY busy semester, and I honestly haven't had time to organize more of our zillions of pictures yet. I hope to do more organizing over Christmas break in a few weeks. But for now, there's Halloween 2011 to record...

So, Halloween started with some shopping with Bob. I bought this for my sister-in-law's birthday -- which is in November -- because she decorates the outside of Ken's each year, and is collecting a "zombie baby army" for the roof. Bob got a kick out of driving around Fresno with our new baby on the console in the middle of the front seat in his truck, getting some pretty astonished stares. And Halloween was on.

Of course, as has become the annual tradition, we had a Halloween Costume Contest at work in our department -- students, staff, and faculty. The theme this year, set by Katie, was "Heroes," so I decided to be one of the players in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League from World War II. You know, the women who inspired the movie "A League of Their Own." Since Bob is still working out of town during the week, when I got dressed up Halloween morning, I had to take an iPhone self-portrait to text to him. Gotta love my attempt at a 40s hairstyle.

And here I am at work in full uniform when we had the costume contest.

This is Alma, who apparently idolizes The Tooth Fairy. She always has the most creative costumes, as you can see by all her props here...pliers for pulling those "will-not" teeth, candy and rice crispy treats in her hair, a little pouch of teeth (which were really the white tips off of candy corn), a bag of money, and a teething ring around her wrist. She rocks.

Erin is a professor in the Food Science and Nutrition Department (we share our department office with them), and she is dressed as one of her heroes, Temple Grandin. If you don't know who that is, google her....she's amazing.

Andrea works in our department office, and she is dressed as Mia Hamm, who she actually got to meet. In fact, I think she ate dinner at her house. Very cool.

Gary came as Clark Kent, aka Superman. Last time I saw him, he was leaping tall buildings.

Katie picked the theme "Heroes" because she wanted to dress as Rosie the Riveter -- so she and I were both dressed as our heroines from WWII. Doesn't she look great? Since her girls had the day off from school, they came to the contest and were dressed up, too. They didn't all abide by the hero theme, though, which is definitely allowed. Letty is a swan, Ellie is a pumpkin, Gabby is a scary doctor, and Sophie is Junie B. Jones (one of her fave book characters, which makes my child-lit-loving heart melt!). They always look great on Halloween.

And Katie wasn't the only one with her family in tow. We also had Ghandi on hand (Cheryl, our department administrative assistant), his daughter (Kabeljit), and his granddaughter (Lizhu). We made them pose in front of this bust in the Peace Garden right outside our department building. How could we not?

There were also a few students who dressed up, and this is one of them. She dressed as one of her heroes....moms!

Brittany is one of my students currently, and she dressed as a character from the Disney movie, "Finding Nemo." I think her name is Darla, though I've been wrong about that before (see Facebook).

And this is all of us.

Hope you had a great Halloween! We sure did.