Thursday, August 30, 2007

Livin' in the Bubble

I've gone and done it now (well, back in June). Took an unpaid personal leave of absence from Fresno State, where I was a tenured associate professor of child development, packed up my new little subaru (thanks for the help packing, Mom, Missy, and Sherry!), and set up house in a matchbox-sized apartment in Boulder, Colorado. Been jones'n about living here since discovered on a trip 'cross country while in grad school in Tennessee.

The long and short of being here so far...LOVIN' IT! I've got the support and company of some great friends, the riding is simply amazing (love the hills!), and little by little, I'm finding freelance writing assignments. Have continued doing some work for VeloNews,, Women's Edition (regional magazine here), and most recently (thanks, Lindsey!) the advertising department at local paper, The Daily Camera. I've also met with education coordinators for Denver Head Start, and hope to do some contract work with them conducting teacher trainings.

So all is good...and I've finally started a blog! Wow.

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