Sunday, August 3, 2008

To Dip or Not to Dip ...

... that is the question each evening when we head down to Jolly Kone to get an ice cream. Well, Lacey has to decide if she wants a snow cone or an ice cream, but generally, we all have ice cream -- chocolate, vanilla, or half-n-half -- and sometimes we even get it dipped in chocolate. In Bridgeport, Jolly Kone is a summer institution, and evening walks there for ice cream are the best!

This is Linda, who we'd love even if she didn't own the joint, with one of her fave customers. When I was little, Linda's mom, Irma, owned and ran Jolly Kone, and Linda took over some time ago. She's definitely carried on the excellent food tradition. It's too cold in the winter for outdoor dining, so they're only open during fishing season (April through mid-November), and on "opening day," they give away one free ice cream cone to each customer -- how cool is that?! In elementary school, we always knew summer was not far away when our teachers walked us over for our free ice cream -- the entire school at once!
Last night, Missy, Lacey, and I went for ice cream -- my last one before heading back to Fresno tomorrow! -- so I figured I better take some snaps. Lacey chose a baby chocolate cone, and Missy enjoyed a chocolate blackberry shake.
I had a half-and-half cone -- no dip this time -- and it was deeee-licious!
I think Lacey caught a little chocolate buzz ...
Not much summer left, so be sure to enjoy those ice cream moments!

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