Friday, November 14, 2008

Giving THANKS a Little Early

We had a pretty scary day here today. After a few weeks of a low-grade fever and flu-like symptoms, Katie brought 3-year-old Sophie to the doctor yesterday to see what was wrong. The doc did a blood test that came back looking odd. He brought Sophie in this morning for a bone marrow biopsy, as he was afraid she had leukemia. Katie and Sophie spent the day at Children's Hospital with poor little Sophie getting poked and prodded all day, and mom Katie lovin' her up.

The tests from the biopsy came back early this evening and are NEGATIVE for leukemia!!! They think that she just has a really bad virus that is finally getting better -- her blood cell counts looked better today than yesterday even. They also did a test to see if she has Mono, and that will come back in a few days. But, NO LEUKEMIA!!! Definitely reason to give early THANKS.
(Now I have to sign off, as we're celebrating with sparkling apple grape cider!
Or, as Sophie says, "Sparkling apple spider!")

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Meredith said...

Oh that is reason to be thankful. How scary! Yes celebrate!!