Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shoppin' with Ellie

Grocery shopping often feels more like a chore, but when you get to take 4-year-old Ellie, it's more like an adventure! I took Ellie shopping to Trader Joe's and Save Mart a few weeks ago, and she found some leaves along the way.
Inside Trader Joe's, I told Ellie that I would read the things on my list, and she could get them off the shelves and put them in the basket. I quickly realized this wasn't a very bright idea, as I had to pick her up to enable her to reach most things. It was stil an adventure, though, especially in the frozen food aisle. I picked her up and tilted her down into the case to reach for the steel cut oatmeal I love (it's cooked already and frozen in individual pouches -- incredibly healthy in minutes in the microwave!), and while her head was down in the case, she turned back and said in a deep voice, "I'm deep inside now!!!" I cracked up while the other shoppers looked at us like we were crazy.

Back in the car, Ellie sat in the back seat, and picked up a bike wheel I had back there. She used it as her steering wheel, and asked me to tell her each time we were turning so she could help me turn all the way home. Priceless.

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Meredith said...

1. She's adorable!

2. What brand is that oatmeal? I have a box of the steel cut oats and love them but am TOO LAZY TO BOIL THE WATER AND COMMIT TO MAKING THEM! Could i find this at Kroger? (Doubtful!)

3. I haven't read the article from your blog above, but I'm guessing I'd agree. Why does that topic threaten people so? We've been discussing what "gay" means since Aron has heard kids joking about it at school without any clue to the meaning. It's amazing to know Matt and I have the power to shape the kids' attitudes and beliefs about such important issues. And scary to know how other folks inadvertently OR intentionally poison their kids' minds. Amazing.