Sunday, February 15, 2009

Training Camp, Stage 2 -- Tour of Cali Women's Crit

I'm afraid that I've neglected my blog for Facebook once again, and have put up a large photo album, complete with captions, am now out of time -- MUST GET SLEEP! -- to do a reasonable blog entry. But, thought I'd slap up the link to my VeloNews article, as it's already up, complete with some of my snaps!

And share just a few highlights:

*Getting an official Tour of California media pass -- backstage access, baby! (Am I a total bike dork, or what?!)

*Writing my article in the luxury of the Tour of California press center at the Hyatt...snacks,
video feed of the men's race, zillions of journalists and photogs from around the world, and
JUST THREE TABLES BACK FROM GRAHAM WATSON!!! Really, I'm such a bike geek...

*Seeing people out in DROVES to watch the women's race, even with terrible weather

*Getting a note on my Facebook wall from Kat Carroll, now of Team Tibco and also a US
National Team member, thanking me for the "great coverage" this weekend.

*Talking at length to Bob Stapleton, owner of Team Columbia-High Road about his team. His
passion and high regard for this sport and his racers is humbling.

*Talking at length to the director of the women's race, Laura Charameda, who definitely is an
effective ambassador for women's cycling.

*Getting a "Nice article!" from Value Act Capital Lisa "the Huntress" Hunt when she spotted
my story up before I did.

*And of course, arriving home to the MANSION to a very warm welcome from the women of
Value Act Capital, who were in the middle of their team meeting.

As friend Sherry Clark wrote on my Facebook page tonight...I have the "best faux job in the world!" Or did she say "coolest"? Either way, 'nuf said.


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patsywbp said...

AWESOME! What a exciting ToC!!