Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mission Accomplished

On July 6, I started training for the Tioga Pass Run with Kim and Ann. Tim, Ann's husband, started training with us shortly afterwards. And today, we all tackled the ONE HILL that is the Tioga Pass Run...12.4 miles, from a start at 6700 feet, to the finish at the entry to Yosemite National Park at 9945 feet.

Training miles accrued? 173.
Number of friends who trained with me? 7.
(Kim, Ann, April, Tim, Kat, Felicia, and Toni)
Number of friends who coached me? 2.
(Felicia and Toni)
Number of ice baths taken (because Felicia made me)? 2
Number of family members who cheered for us on Tioga? 4
(Mom, Missy, Lacey, Denise)
Time it took me to finish? 2 hours. 27 minutes.

Setting a new athletic goal and reaching it? PRICELESS

PS Missy took a bunch of pics, and I'll do a more extended post with those once I get 'em. In the meantime, I'm going to sign up for the Two Cities Half Marathon...!

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