Friday, October 29, 2010

My Halloween Alter-Ego -- Sookie Stackhouse

So, it's Halloween again, and as in previous years, there has been tremendous peer pressure in our department at work to dress up. It's Katie and Alma's fault, mostly, but after a couple years now, I'm actually starting to really enjoy it. This year, the theme required that we dress up as our favorite tv or movie character. I needed props...

Spittin' image of Sookie Stackhouse, don't you think? Ok, so I'm not exactly STACKED, I'm about 20 years too old, I don't have that gap between my front teeth, and, well, I haven't attracted a 150-year-old gorgeous vampire named Bill anytime recently...but other than that...spittin' image. And I apparently have retained quite a bit of "tray-toting-muscle-memory" from all those years of waiting tables, cocktailing, and bartending, as I can really flaunt a tray of Tru Blood -- by the bottle, in draft, or a shot. What's your pleasure, Vampire Man?!!!

Katie -- Dr. Dyer -- is one of the main instigators of the Halloween contest, so it's only fitting that she bring her entire family each year. Her girls love it, and are dressed up as Alice in Wonderland (Gabby), a dance hall girl (Ellie), mini-me Wonder Woman (Sophie), and the Goddess of Wisdom (Letty). The other person is one of our students, and I don't know her...great costume, though!

Gary, a lecturer in our department, shocked us all a bit with his tail...we're used to the bow tie.

Hey! Someone came dressed in a box! Randy wondered what would happen when you turned the handle on the side...

Have you ever seen a happier Jack-in-the-Box?!!! Alma is one of the most tender-hearted individuals you could meet, and she gives, and gives, and gives to others. And she is obviously pretty darned creative, too, though she did miss the memo about dressing as tv/movie characters -- likes to think outside the box, I guess...(ouch.)
She and her husband live in a Fresno neighborhood that is FAMOUS on Halloween, and they get HUNDREDS of trick-or-treaters. I love this picture because her love for Halloween -- and all the giving she does! -- is written all over her face here. Priceless.

Our contest brings in celebrities from across campus, as evidenced here by the presence of our Associate Dean, Sandra Witte. It appears she's a bit skeptical about Alma's current attire...she must know Alma taught today.

Of course, students got in on the costume action, too -- after all, there were prizes to be had!

One of Lizhu's Fashion students even brought her son -- she was Betty Rubble, I think, and he was a dinosaur. He won "Best Non-Human." Too cute.

Of course, what's a little Halloween party without some candy on hand.

Ok...Ellie has apparently overdosed on candy. there anyone in a paramedic costume around here?!

And who better to give away the best costume awards than Wonder Woman and Alice? I received the prestigious "Most Scary" pumpkin, and though Katie's girls told me it was because of the vampire bite on my neck, I'm suspicious it was because of the cycling "tan" on my legs. Hmph.

Lizhu -- that would be Dr. Davis, the Coordinator of the Fashion Merchandising program in our department -- brought her class. Now, THAT'S an education I can get behind!

This is the whole CFCS gang who showed up decked out in their Halloween finest -- what a crew! There might be some FSN folks in here, too..I didn't know everyone.

Alas, the costume contest was over, and I actually had to return to work...I have a staff meeting at the Joyce M. Huggins Early Education Center (where I'm Interim Director) every Friday afternoon. Of course, my staff work with young children, so they're fun-loving, too, and many of the teachers dressed up. This is Chamroeun, an excellent preschool teacher who I adore. Of course, I adore all my staff...but she's the only one who asked for a pic with me. And come to think of it, I think she's the only one who's ever saluted me, least, that I'm aware of. Hmmm...


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Liz Ness said...

AWESOME! Can't believe they have Trueblood bottles and Merlotte's glasses - how cool!