Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snow and..."Canned Haggis"

It snowed today!!! Of course, it rained and hailed first, but it snowed! The snow didn't stick, but IT SNOWED!!! Yes, I love the snow, and am looking forward to more. I made a nice breakfast, and sat right by the sliding glass door, reading my New York Times, and watching the snow.
And then later in the day, I met new friend, Natasha Cowie (a Velo Bella-Kona pro cyclocross racer), at the Boulder Library to see a free concert.

We saw a gaelic band from Denver called "Canned Haggis." Yup...canned haggis. And they were terrific. You can listen to some of their music at
Scott Beach does vocals and plays the Great Highland bagpipes, small pipes, and the bass guitar.
Mark Hill plays the bodhran, djembe drums, and Patrick McElhany (the band's "token Irishman") plays rhythm guitar, and the Celtic finger-style guitar. Both also provide vocals, and Patrick is lead vocal.
And the fourth member is Gina Lance, who plays fiddle. She was honored as the Best Celtic Fiddle Player of Colorado by Westword Magazine in 2006 -- and it was pretty obvious why. She was amazing!

The guys ended the evening with an a capella song.

Men in kilts....yes, I love being Scottish!


Denise said...

Can Scottish men ride their bikes in kilts? Where do they put their, uhm....pleats?

Patricia Tiernan-Hicks said...

Yes, and the Irish eyes are a smilin on all of you.

I Have a great CD they made.

Mark is my couisn, and I want to see them in person if I can ever get up to Denver again.
A very outstanding group.