Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Clean Team

Last Wednesday, I met friends Barb, Chris, Nat, and John at the team introduction of the
Slipstream Chipotle presented by H30 Professional Cycling Team
at the Boulder Theater, a beautiful old theater downtown.
Proceeds from the night benefitted the Davis Phinney Foundation,
and it was a really great night.

My camera definitely doesn't work well in a dark theater,
but you'll at least get a little feel for the night.
After being introduced individually, the team hung out for Q & A from the audience.
Magnus Backstedt is definitely popular with the Boulder crowd and got called to the mic a lot.
He's so dang tall.

People had a lot of questions for Scotsman, David Millar, too.
Prior to the Q & A, a great video was shown where he discussed his career, including
his doping conviction, his admission of guilt, and how he's come back to the peloton
after serving his 2-year ban. Pretty amazing story.
And nice purple tie.
And Dave Zabriskie...what can you say about him?
Yes, he's just as quirky in real life.
Someone asked him what race he is most hoping to win in the 2008 season.
After fudging around for a bit, he finally said, matter of factly:
"Probably a timed event."
And when asked by some kids what his favorite race day food is, he again paused before saying:
"Burritos." Duh.
The guy truly has the timing of a stand-up comic. On 'ludes.
(but he's not on 'ludes...)

I think Zabriskie might have taken a cue from the
Chipotle "blimp" floating to the left of the stage.

Check out the broken collar bone sling on one of the riders....
the Slipstream boys take the argyle theme seriously. Jonathan Vaughters and the team sponsors have put together quite a team.
Twenty-five guys who offer a wide variety of strengths,
find fun in racing, and clearly have great chemistry with each other.
I'm looking forward to watching what they do this season.


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