Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Southern T-Day

I need to do a little catching up here, all the way back to Thanksgiving.
On Thanksgiving Day, I flew on this Delta Breast Cancer Awareness plane to Atlanta.
I was treated to an amazing dinner at the home of Elsa's mom. Elsa and I went to grad school together in Tennessee, and it was pretty special sharing the holiday with her family.
I've never had my own placecard before...
The day after Thanksgiving, I drove with Elsa, her husband, Tony, and their kids to their home in Knoxville. We were greeted by our other great friend from grad school, Lisa, her husband, Sean, and their two boys, Aidan and Tanner. They came from their home in Virginia to spend the weekend with us. On Saturday, we met another grad school friend, Kathy, for lunch at one of our fave restaurants in K-ville, Silver Spoon. Of course, I forgot to take a pic there, but remembered, well, in the parking lot at Target.
This is (l to r) Lisa, Elsa, and Kathy.
Back at Elsa's house, we sat and visited a bit, and I felt moved for some reason to play Power Rangers. I'm not sure what got in to me, but surprisingly enough, I'd had no margaritas.
This is the newest Kelly -- Tanner Paul. Lisa had him in August, and he's hard to resist.
There were a lot of fall leaves around still. Love those Smokey Mountains.
Things aren't always what they seem...
Sean, big brother Aidan, Tanner, and Lisa headed back to Virginia on Sunday.
Before they left, Elsa and I both tried on the sling that Lisa uses to carry Tanner.
Apparently, he doesn't know what all the fuss is about.
Three grad school friends first thing in the morning...
"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves."
On Monday, Kathy, her husband Sam, and their daughter, Emerson, took me out for Thai food and sushi. Emerson was quite the adventurous eater, and enjoyed appetizers called something like Golden Nests.
She also discovered a novel use for her chopsticks.
I spent the night at their house because they live about 30 minutes out of Knoxville, and had fun rediscovering all of their UT paraphernalia.
It goes without saying that Peyton was my favorite.
He was the quarterback at UT my last two years there.
Emerson and I enjoy one of their two "Big Orange" recliners.
Kathy did some fancy painting in their garage. For those who don't follow SEC
football, the UT end zones are painted with orange and white checkerboard.
Love that T.
On Tuesday afternoon, Elsa and I met even more grad school friends for lunch at fave lunch spot on The Strip -- the Sunspot.
This is (l to r) Kay, Shirley, Elsa, me, and Matt.
Elsa, Lisa, and I give Shirley credit for recruiting us to UT, as she was the department secretary before we got there and made us all feel at home before we even arrived. She retired the year we got there, so I got to know her better at all the tailgates she and her husband, Red, went to with us. Great memories.
Kay and Matt are both graduates of the department, too, and both work at UT.
And what's a trip to Knoxville without dinner at Calhoun's by the river? Elsa and Tony treated me before I left on Thursday.
I lived in Knoxville for four years through grad school, and, though it's a terrible cliche, they truly were some of the best years of my life. It's such a treat to get to go back
and spend time with such good friends.

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Hey Dr. Reid - what a fun post!

I have tried to email you back a few times, but it does not seem to be working. Oh well. So, I will answer your questions here.

My husband's name is John Paul and our address is:
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Seaside, CA 93955

Thanks for you sharing your blog - if you wan to see mine, it is:

Finally, like a dork, I sold all my Child Development books back...and now that I have a kiddo of my own, I want them back! Can you reccomend a few top choices for me? I have some free money at our bookstore here on campus and want to see what I can get. Thanks!

Hope you are well...Merry Christmas!