Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Abundance

Drove to California for Christmas, as I needed to get some things out of storage in big brother Jim's sporting goods store's warehouse to bring back to Colorado. Really important things like my trainer, so I can ride my bike in the comfort of my living room while the Colorado weather's raging outside. So, of course, I drove through a little weather on December 20th when I headed West. On the way, spent the night in Fruita with Will and Joanne -- thanks again!
The whole fam was in Bridgeport. Jim and Dad treated us to crawfish that they'd ordered from Mississippi. Brought back memories of the crawdads that Jim and Bill used to catch in Walker River across from Mom and Dad's house when we were growing up. Just as tastey, too.
Littlest nieces Emma and Lacey looked like this when me and big brother Jim sucked crawfish brains. I'm thinking they're not going to be trying that anytime soon...
Of course, lots of time was spent playing with all four nieces, and this night, Alyssa and Emma enjoyed a tent in the living room. A bit of a static electricity display ensued.
And y'all thought I did pilates to be stronger on the bike...
I stayed with Jim, Missy, and Lacey at their house so that Bill, Cathy, and their three girls could take over Mom and Dad's house. The seasonal pancakes were definitely a perk.
We celebrated Christmas on the 24th since Bill and Cathy had to leave that night, so on the 23rd, we decided to open stockings. The nieces approved.
Abbey and Alyssa surrounded by their stocking booty.
Missy, Lacey, and Jim enjoyed stockings on the couch.
Bill and Emma intent on their loot.
Stockings for Grandpa and Grandma, too.
The adults exchange names for stockings, and all of us pitch in to fill the kids' stockings. Alyssa still loves Spiderman, so I got her these fingerpuppets. Note her red cheeks; that's a Niederer trait, as mom's mom always had those, too. Must be the German in us.
Aaaaahhh....stocking excitement over, Bill helps Emma get ready for bed.
Back at Jim and Missy's the next morning, got this shot of their Christmas tree before heading up to Mom and Dad's for the real festivities. Odd, yes...Missy thought the poor little guy probably always wanted to be a Christmas tree but would never get the chance.
Lacey Joy in her "Christmas Day" outfit, ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's. She didn't like the hat much, so wouldn't let us get a picture from the front. You get the idea, though.
Told you she didn't like the hat.
Tried to get a shot of all the nieces up at Mom and Dad's, but Lacey would still have none of it. Got Bill and Cathy's girls to cooperate, though, in all their holiday finery.
Of course, it's not all serious-ness...
And then it was time for presents.
Who got Dad the tp?!!
The latest biker chick in the family!
Alyssa enjoys a gift from Grandma and Grandpa.
Bill and Cathy got Lacey a little rocking!
Abbey and Alyssa try out Emma's new wheels.
A Reid tradition -- catching z's after gifts are opened.
And another Reid tradition -- prime rib
and Yorkshire Pudding for dinner.
Mom outdid herself yet again.
And my Christmas tradition --
taking a pic with all the nieces.
Bill, Cathy, and their girls left right after this. On Christmas Day, we had leftovers, and Lacey showed me "squishy face."
Jim and Lacey have a new little game...

...yet another adrenaline junkie is born.
On the 27th, I headed back to Colorado and spent a few days with friends Carla and Daniel along the way in Spring Creek, Nevada (outside Elko). Carla trains horses, and this is one of her beauties.
I had intended on leaving Spring Creek on the 29th for the final miles to Boulder, but stayed until the 30th thinking that I'd miss the worst of a storm that stretched across Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. I made it about 7 hours into the drive before having to hole up in Evanston, Wyoming for the night because I-80 was closed there due to storm conditions. Finally made it back to Boulder on the 31st at 6:00 p.m. after crossing Wyoming in a raging wind storm. Happy New Year!


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Nice pics.....the neices are getting so big!

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neices are too cute!!