Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cali or Bust, Baby!

Turned the Suh-boo-buh-roo toward Cali on Monday -- headed out to cover races for for a month. And my bike came with me -- yay!!!You know you've crossed over into Wyoming when you start to see buffaloes...
...and Abraham Lincoln...?!! Ever since I saw this big hunk 'o man on Wyoming's Interstate 80 on my first cross-country drive from grad school, I've wondered why he's out here. I finally read the little plaque. Apparently, he was on Hwy 30 -- the first transcontinental road for automobiles -- and it was named "The Lincoln Highway" to honor his support of the building of it. It was moved to the highest spot on 80 in the 50's, I believe, where it sits now. At a rest stop that is very conveniently placed, if I may say so myself.
There are acres and acres of these big purty flowers in Wyoming, too.
And the road was MUCH more clear than when I drove back and forth at Christmas.
Carla and Dan welcomed me to their little "ranch" in Spring Creek, where I stayed until I made the last part of the trip on Wednesday.
This is the view of the Ruby Mountains from their living room -- sweet!
Back on the road, I finally made it into the Sierras...aaaaaahhhhhhhh!
Didn't stop for burgers here, though...eeeeeewwwwww!

(Ok, pretend there is a pic of the Donner Pass sign would have been a great one to end with here, but I accidentally deleted it....)

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