Thursday, March 6, 2008

Women's Racing Rocks!'s race season! I'm headed out to Cali on Monday to cover some NRC races for VeloNews, and couldn't be happier. I'll start with the Sequoia Classic, a two-day women's race in Visalia (March 15-16), then after a break with family and friends, cover the Redlands Classic, a four-day stage race in Southern Cali (April 3-6), and finally, cover the Garrett Lemire Memorial Grand Prix in Ojai (April 13). Sa-wheet!

While I love covering men's pro racing, I have to say that women's pro racing has really become exciting in its own right, and the Sequoia Classic promises to be great. Check out this great article on women's racing in North America on, as it provides a nice overview of the challenges and the triumphs in the sport right now. And, Sheri Clark, good friend and director of the Sequoia Classic, is quoted -- her support of women's racing is stellar!

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