Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vols and 'Dogs

College football season opened this past weekend, and my Tennessee Vols played UCLA's Bruins in sunny Southern Cali. The Fishin' Mission's Commish, Gary, is a UCLA fan (don't hold it against him ... I don't), and joined some other Missionaries and friends at the game. I was invited, but, alas, it was Monday NIGHT -- what's up with that?!! -- and I couldn't make the drive to and from LA in time to work on Tuesday morning. But perhaps it was a good thing, as the Bruins (gulp!) beat my Vols in overtime!!! Good sport that he is, though, Gary posed all friendly-like with an enthusiastic Vol fan. Or is that Daniel Boone? ... Next year there will be a rematch in Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, a stadium that holds 106,000+ ... yah, we'll see who wins that one!!!

The opener wasn't a total loss, though ... my 'Dogs (Fresno State, that is) trounced Rutgers back in New Joisey. GO 'DOGS!!!

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