Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

This was the first Easter in a few years that I wasn't with the fan-damily, and definitely missed them -- love to see my nieces going after all the eggs and goodies! But I did have a good day, with a nice casual bike ride in the morning, and then joining Katie and her girls at a park near where we live for a little egg hunting. Lizhu joined us, too, but wouldn't let me take any snaps of her.

This is Katie and her girls after they collected most of the eggs.
Ellie was a bit sad because she didn't get as many eggs as 3-year-old LITTLE sister, Sofie, so even when everyone else was done looking, she was still searching.
She got a little help from Katie, Sofie, and Gabby after awhile.
And I made everyone get in a tree for a quick shot.
Gabby with her loot. I didn't even look for any of the candy-filled eggs, but I'm pretty sure I have about 1/2 pound of chocolate in my belly!
Here's Sofie, coveting a few "My Little Ponies" she got in a big egg.
"Sugar and spice and everything nice?!" Pah! Gotta scuff things up to get at those eggs!

Hope everyone's Easter was terrific!

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