Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Transition Back

I know...I never started this blog as a movie review site, and honestly, it's not going to be that. Here's the's been a really busy, really crazy (in both good and bad ways) semester, and with my discovery of Facebook in November, I've continued to neglect this blog. But, it's Spring Break this week, so I'll be doing some entries -- honest! -- to catch my loyal readers up on Redlands (which I covered part of last week) and my trip to Denver for SRCD.

I just got back from SRCD, and to ease back in to my real life here, I swung by Jimmy John's on the way home from the airport, got one of their great Beach Clubs, and came home to eat it while watching "Bella," fresh from Neflix. It is an absolutely beautiful and incredibly poignant movie. So watch it.
And now that the movie is over, I'm ready to unpack, start some laundry, and go grocery shopping for the week. Yippeeee!

And some additional blog posts will appear over the next few days as I get all caught up with my personal life.

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