Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bob's Christmas Present Christmas break has come and gone, and I STILL haven't put up any more Scotland photos. Well, darnit! I'm just too busy living life, but I have to say, I DO miss blogging. I'm a little superstitious about making New Year's resolutions (New Year's Resolution=Failure), but I do tend to set goals for myself at the beginning of new years and new semesters. Given that we're in both, I'm feeling like I really want to start blogging on a more regular basis again. No pressure. Just some little stuff here and there. And when I find enough moments, some big stuff, like the rest of that amazing trip to Scotland.

So here's some little stuff...well, big in meaning, but little in blog space.

Bob and I had our first Christmas together, and because this past year with him has been so amazing, I wanted to give him something really special. So I gave him a photo shoot with his daughter, Michelle, in Yosemite, where he was born and raised. I regret that I don't have any nice "father-daughter" photos with my dad, and I wanted Bob and Michelle to have that. Tomas Ovalle did the photos, and I swear he's magic! He did photos for my freelance writing website, and for my last two "Santa-Racer-Chick" Christmas cards (oh, yah, gotta put those up on here, too!), and is amazing.

Anyway, Tomas has put some of the photos up for us, so I wanted to share a few of my faves so far. There are many more to come, as he took TONS. It really was a special day, and I already cherish these shots. See what you think.

Can you say, "Genetically photogenic"?!!!

I have quite the knack for hiding how excruciating the modeling process is, as evidenced here.

Forgot for just a second that there was a photog leaning over us...

I simply love this.

When Tomas told me to get on Bob's back, well, I felt like I'd break him. I momentarily forgot that he's such a "burly-man"! This was fun!

Seriously...have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

I am a lucky, lucky woman. Truly blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Kathie - great pictures of great people. Can't tell you how happy I am that YOU are happy! And it shows in the glow of every photograph!And I'm so happy you embrace his daughter. That was the situation I had with my older daughter from a previous - and having Wendy embrace her rather than push her away was so good for everyone. My daughter Breana calls her Mom with love and means it. Happy New Year to you and Bob!