Saturday, January 14, 2012

Santa-Racer-Chicks, Baby!

Christmas cards. Love creating them, sending them, receiving them. Pitifully pathetic at sending them. And 2011 was no exception, as the majority of them are still sitting on my kitchen table.

Though the fall semester was ridiculously busy, I did manage to organize my second annual Santa Racer Chick photo shoot with good friends Denise (bike riding/racing/training buddy since the very beginning), Allegra (former-student-now-good-friend and bike riding/training and True Blood-watching buddy), and Felicia (bike and run coach who I'd NEVER be able to train with because she's pro) at Woodward Park so that I'd have pictures to create my cards. And of course, Tomas Ovalle did the shoot. I realize he's not MY personal photographer, but I like to think he is. As he did last year, he made the shoot so much fun, and since I only was able to use three photos on my card, I wanted to showcase a few more here.

So, the idea this year was to highlight our running side; last year, we focused on cycling. My thought was that he'd get some shots of us jogging in the turned out a little differently, and certainly way better!

First, we warmed up with just some easy, casual poses. Had to make sure those Santa hats were on all proper and all.

Tomas then tried this "wrap-yourselves-around-Kathie" pose, and he was quickly reminded of how the four of us can feel a little awkward when he's trying to get us to do relaxed poses.

Then we took it to a bench, and things got a little less awkward.

Of course, when he told us to grab our balls, well, all hell broke loose...

We returned to the bench, and as good friends do, Denise, Allegra, and Felicia supported me and leaned on me.

And Felicia couldn't resist pinching me. This reminds me that Tomas's 17-year-old son was there to assist him, and I think we may have damaged him. We tend to get a little racey (pun intended), and there's typically lots of comments about boobs and butts, as four women can't get this cozy with each other without some accidental rubbing and some purposeful just seems natural in this group!

Then Tomas tried to appease my desire for some running shots...we got a bit awkward again...

It finally felt a bit more natural, but then Felicia's hair started fanning out.

She tucked her gorgeous hair in, but you can see how well that turned out.

We gave up on the run, and Tomas had us jump. This was quite unexpected, and though I'm not sure, I believe he probably had to take 157 pics before this worked. We all needed to get our hands up and our legs up, and this took some doing. Denise was a pro from the beginning (what's that about?), Felicia did great on most shots, so obviously, Allegra and I were the most challenged.

Finally, though, success! And Tomas swears this isn't photoshopped.

Then we went back to a little more traditional...

But who could resist this?

So much fun! Merry Very Belated Christmas!

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