Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back to Colorado ... by Way of Bridgeport

I left Ventura last Friday after six weeks in Cali -- what a trip! The work and play was great fun, though I was quite relieved to turn my Su-boo-buh-roo back toward the Rockies finally -- I could finally stop living out of a suitcase! But, I'm so thankful to all my friends and family who let me "couch surf" along the way (actually, I only stayed on one couch, one floor, and a variety of beds). My last night in Ventura, I talked Sara into going to a movie -- "Leatherheads" -- for the 10:00 p.m. showing since she had a meeting until 9:00. I even talked her into letting her teenagers, Lauren and David, go -- on a school night! We all thought it was a great idea and enjoyed it until it let out just after midnight and it hit us how little sleep we'd get....oops. I made them pose for a pic in the theater on our way out.
I drove to Bridgeport on Friday as a surprise to my family, who didn't expect to see me again on this trip. My youngest nieces had both turned 2 in the past weeks, and I found out the fam was all gathering in B-port on Saturday to celebrate -- how could I resist stopping in for that?! I surprised everyone at Rhino's in town, and look how happy birthday-girl Lacey was to see her Colorado aunt!
Oldest niece, Abbey, was pretty jazzed, too.
Apparently, though, Alyssa could have gone without seeing me...
On Saturday before the birthday party, sis-in-laws Missy, Cathy, and I took the kids to the park where Lacey showed me that she can go down the twisty slide all by herself!
Oddly enough, she was a bit more suspicious of going down the straight slide with big cousin, Abbey.
The other birthday girl, Emma, loved the swings.
As did Alyssa...
...and Abbey. Is she talking on a cell phone?!!
Emma isn't one for having her pic taken usually, but the park brought her out of her shell.
After the park, we headed over to Lacey's new playhouse in her backyard -- it's very cool, and even has a mailbox and flower pots.
Spendin' time with the nieces...a pretty nice break on the long drive home!

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