Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garrett Lemire Memorial Grand Prix -- and Melting!

Spent a fun and hot afternoon up in beautiful Ojai today, covering the Garrett Lemire Memorial Grand Prix. It was 90 degrees, and the racing was hot, too. My report is here. Didn't manage to get a snap of the women's podium, but got this one of the men's -- Health Net-Maxxis' John Murphy's on the left in second, teammate Kyle Gritters is top spot, and Hilton Clarke of Toyota-United sprinted for third.

Been spending most of my time here in Ventura inside tapping away on the computer, as I had a USA Cycling article due Friday, and am working on a VeloNews mag feature that's due Tuesday, and I have another USAC article due this coming Friday. But, a couple nights ago, I did take a break to walk along the beach with Sara, the friend I'm staying with. We walked along a portion of beach made famous in Beach Boys songs, and it was sweet. I'm a mountain girl to the core, but do love the beach in the morning and evening. Watching the surfers wasn't bad either, although I was a little surprised that they all looked my age....old surfers?! Nice to know we still got it.

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patsywbp said...

OMG...those podium boys have some legs!