Friday, April 25, 2008

"Terrible" Two's? ... Naaaahhhhh ...

Emma turned 2 on March 21st and Lacey turned 2 on April 16th. Though Grandma and Grandpa Reid helped Emma's family celebrate her birthday nearer the actual day, it wasn't until my visit to B-port on the way back to Colorado that the entire family could get together to celebrate. Primarily, the focus was on Lacey -- she got the cake! -- but since some of us hadn't seen Emma either, there were presents for her, as well.

Thank goodness for older cousins, though, as we could have been there all day waiting for the 2-year-olds to open presents by themselves. Alyssa self-appointed herself Lacey's assistant ...
... and Abbey was Emma's main helper.
Emma took a moment to just take it all in before the unwrapping started.
I gave the girls each a Bubble Mower -- how cool is that?! Lacey was clearly overjoyed.
Alyssa had to show the younger girls how to use the mower, and whipped it around so fast that I couldn't get a non-blurry pic.
With a dad and an uncle who owns a sporting goods store, how could the girls NOT like fishing?
She must be her momma's girl, as Emma caught one before anyone else.
Don't let your kids do this at home ...
At Christmas, I started teaching Abbey and Alyssa to stand on their heads. You've got to pass down those important skills, you know? Abbey's still using the wall for support, but no longer needs my help getting up -- sniff! She's growing up! (Thankfully, no one's snapped my pic when I'm demonstrating...)
Cake time! I wonder how old Lacey will be when she's too big to sit on the table with her cake ...
On her first birthday, she wasn't too hip to sweets like cake, but since a grandpa-to-go-unnamed here introduced her to M&M's a few months ago, well, she's all over the sugar!
And one more skill that both Missy and I passed onto the girls this trip -- making "blowfish" faces on the window. Grandma was appalled, but the giggles were worth it! They haven't quite got the hang of it yet, but there's plenty of time for that. Perhaps not enough Windex ... but plenty of time.

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