Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm in Shape! ...

...the magazine, that is! My little front-of-the-book piece on fitness programs for moms is in the "Get Fit News" section on page 108 of the August issue. How cool is that?!
And the feature I wrote on Rebecca Rusch, adventure racer and current world 24-hour solo mountain bike champ is on page 66 of the latest issue of VeloNews (Volume 37, Issue 13).
She's amazing, and it was a ton of fun meeting her at a conference at the Olympic Training Center and then interviewing her and her friends for the article.
Not bad for a wanna-be freelancer, aye?!!

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Denise said...

I read your entry too quickly and I understood it to say, "I'm on the cover of Shape."

I glanced at the photo and thought to the sun in Bridgeport must be harsh,because you got a heck'va tan!