Friday, July 25, 2008

Latest Article ... and I'm Sick!

My latest article is up on USA Cycling's homepage. It's a follow-up piece to the one I wrote months back on the new Women's Regional Development Camp, and you can read it here. I was able to speak by phone to some racers who I hadn't spoken with before, and I'll see them at Nationals in Orange County in just over a week when I go down there to cover the racing for USAC. Good stuff.

And, dang if I'm not sick!!! Can you believe it? August, and I've come down with a nasty, raging cold-flu-thing! I thought it was allergies, but I don't think my throat would feel like it was on fire if it were just allergies ... bummer. So, please, if you have some extra time, feel a little sorry for me, and send some good health vibes my way.

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Denise said...

Don't breathe on me.......