Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Until last year, July was all about the Tour for me -- either being there, like in 2004, or, at the least, devotedly watching it on tv each day and reading every little article about it on the web. But, for the second year, my Tour viewing has been pre-empted by the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon. It's a 5-day, 6-stage race in beautiful Central Oregon that I've had the pleasure of covering for VeloNews both years, and it ended Sunday. I stayed one additional day here in Bend to begin a mag feature on the race, and this morning, am making the 10-hour drive back to Bridgeport. It's been fun, but of course, very tiring, and I'm looking forward to getting resettled in Bridgeport and driving Jim and Missy crazy with wanting to watch Versus!

I stayed here in Bend with Paige and Erich again -- they also hosted the women of ValueAct Capital. Here are a few shots from their house before I leave, and I'll do some entries on the race shortly after getting back to B-port.

A sunset the second night I was there -- the night before the race started.Ahhhh ... a beautiful view to wake up to.
This is the view across the river gorge at a neighbor's house. Wow.
And this is a view from the media car during the race on the last stage Sunday ... thought it might bring you back to read more later!
Those are Gu packages hanging from his skivvies ... ain't pro racing great? ...

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