Saturday, October 11, 2008

Abbey's 8!

My oldest niece, Abbey, turned 8 a couple weeks ago -- I can't believe it. She had a bowling party with the fam, and a great time was had by all. The birthday girl did great and can really sling the bowling ball.Littlest sister Emma bowled, too, but took plenty of time to give Mom Cathy lotsa lovin' on the sidelines.
And 4-year-old sis Alyssa was quite the lane queen as well. The children had their own lane, complete with a ramp to roll their balls down and gutter-guards to keep the ball out of the gutter. I really, really wish there'd been gutter-guards on the adult lane ... all four of my nieces (including the 2-year-olds!) scored higher than me. I scored a measly 70! I don't think the Pro Bowling Tour will be calling me anytime soon. Big brother Bill (Abbey's dad) scored 132 -- he must have cheated.
Youngest niece Lacey also got in on the game, and though the lightest ball was almost bigger than her, she insisted on taking it to the lane all by herself each time.
Once there, though, she was willing to let Mom Missy help her out.
Abbey and her two sisters were stylin' in their bowling shoes. There weren't any small enough for cousin Lacey.
Three champs. (Lacey was a bit camera-shy at this point.) Good times.

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