Thursday, October 16, 2008

Darned Good Sports

Last Thursday, my college (College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology -- CAST) had its annual faculty/staff barbeque. There's typically a theme, and since everyone here at Fresno State is still basking in the glow of our 2008 National Champion baseball team, the theme was baseball. The staff who organized the bbq had posters made of the five top administrators as, yes, pro baseball players, superimposing their heads on the bodies of players. The admins had no idea, and were pretty good sports. In fact, Associate Dean Witte (right below) and Dean Boyer (the next pic) not only posed by their pics for me, but spent the better part of the evening passing out peanuts -- just like at the ballpark.
In case you didn't notice, Dean Boyer's bod is really Barry Bonds. Perfect fit, aye?! Ya gotta love bosses who play along with stuff like this.

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