Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

In my department at work, there is intense peer pressure to dress up for intense that I had to break out my 24-(gulp!)year-old high school cheerleading uniform today. It fit! (Ok, so I had to use a large safety pin to close the top of the skirt because I couldn't button it, but for gosh sakes, it's 24 years old!!!)
Katie was a little more creative than me, and she transformed into Cleopatra.
We had a potluck at the office. What a crazy bunch, huh?
And another shot when a petite Hannah Montana showed up.
Tonight, Alma invited us all to her house to hang out while hundreds (yes, hundreds) of kids came by her house to trick-or-treat. She lives in an area of Fresno where people from all over bring their kids, and it was a hoot. Lizhu sat at the door for hours handing out candy. Dean, her husband, handed out candy like I would: "One for you...two for me..."
Colleague Rich didn't make it to the office today, but showed up at Alma's in quite the outfit...
...and let Katie's kids know that if they ate all their Halloween candy, their teeth would look like his.
Gary brought Laura, and they were the best looking hippy couple there.
Bullwinkle hung out with Ranger R for a bit.
Until next year .... Happy Halloween!

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Denise said...

I could've worn my high school garb, too and I am sure that it still fits.....a maternity smock.