Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th, 1958

Two days ago was Mom and Dad's 52nd wedding anniversary. A beautiful and hard day all at the same time this year, our first without Dad. I had to go back to work today in Fresno, Jim and Missy are in Alaska, and Bill and Cathy also had to be at work, so Mom was in Bridgeport without all of us. Not good. But thankfully, she has GREAT friends who, after being alerted by me that it was their anniversary, kept her busy all day.

On the evening of their anniversary, I went back through all the pictures from the surprise 50th anniversary party we threw for them two summers ago, and picked some of my faves to post here as a remembrance. Though I've made it into my new apartment, though...high speed internet hasn't yet. Couldn't get the pics to load the other night, and tonight, have just managed to get a few before getting too impatient, so I'll just make due.

The party was great, and Mom and Pop were SO surprised. Still not sure how we managed to pull that off in such a small town! TONS of Mom and Dad's friends showed up to celebrate with us, from as far away as Colorado (those Eidsons are DEDICATED!). We got them there -- and dressed in Hawaiian shirts, no less, to go along with the theme! -- by telling them we wanted to take a family picture up at Twin Lakes. Missy loves all things Hawaiian, so we just told them we thought it'd be cool if we were all in Hawaiian clothes for the pic. They both rolled their eyes at this, but thankfully played along. Bill drove them, and pulled off at the Barns and Terrace on the way to Twin Lakes, saying he had to stop by for something...will NEVER forget the looks on their faces and how humbled and happy they were with the party.

Here are a few of the friends who helped us celebrate (of course, I TRIED to load a bunch more pics of friends...): Dougie and Pete (golfing buds of Dad's), PJ (one of Mom's best friends and married to Pete), and Big Tom (a friend who comes up to Bport to fish each summer, and always brought Dad great homemade tamales).

Some of the Fishin' Mission boys even came to help us celebrate.

Bill, Jim, and I each told a few of our favorite stories about Mom and Dad. I ended the talking portion with a toast.

We made Mom and Dad laugh and cry intermittently, but really choked 'em up with the toast. Unfortunately I don't have it written down anywhere...but apparently, it was awesome.

And this is the last picture we have of our entire family together. How appropriate that it was to celebrate such an incredible milestone.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

Thanks for loving each other -- and us -- so well.

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