Monday, August 2, 2010

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Chapter 7: Ran and Rode Some More

Though I certainly haven't done it on any regular schedule, I have had a few days this summer when I ran with my fave girls at the butt-crack-of-dawn, and then did a solo ride later. Today was another one of those. I met Ann, Tim (Ann's husband, yes...not a girl), Kim, and Kat (our numbers are getting bigger!) at 6:00, and we drove out to Bridgeport Reservoir.

We parked at the dam, and did a 3-mile run that took us across the dam, out a road toward Mount Jackson, down toward the beach, and then back. It was exhilarating after our 6-mile Tioga run yesterday, and I had more energy than I expected. At Kim's urging, we even sprinted back across the dam to the finish -- awesome! (Of course, remember that MY sprint is, well, most other people's brisk walk!)
After high-five's all around and the drive back into town, I put on my Bella kit and headed out on my trusty Ruby Pro. Initially, I thought I'd climb Conway and then go out and back to Virginia Lakes, but on second thought, decided to go up and over Conway and do the out-and-back to Lundy Lake before returning home. Hadn't done that yet this season. Once I'd turned onto the Lundy Lake road, the views were beautiful all the way, and there was hardly a breeze -- a nice change from early summer.

There are a lot of my favorite trees on the way to Lundy -- Aspen. I've never been up there in the fall, but the colors must be gorgeous.

The lake is 5 miles up, and there were quite a few fishermen around.

The canyon narrows as you near the end of the lake, and there's beautiful rock formations on both sides. This is on the North side, and Denise could probably tell us SOMETHING about how the rocks got there...but, um, I'm not a geology girl, so you'll get nothing from me.

The store is very cool, and I was able to replenish my water and electrolytes. Can't be careful enough with those electrolytes.

Saw this sign in the store...I think we need one at Ken's.

Outside the store is a tree filled with uniquely-shaped birdhouses. Didn't see any birds in them, though. Perhaps the rent's too high.

Walked down toward the lake for a closer view, and then made the screaming 5-mile descent back to Hwy 395, Conway, and home.

Not much summer left, but determined to take advantage of the remains!

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