Saturday, August 7, 2010

What I Did on My Summer Vacation, Chapter 9: Missed Dad

It kind of goes without saying, yes. I miss Dad every day. Thankfully, the passage of time is helping make the missing a bit sweeter. And tonight? It was more than tasted like John Asquaga's Pan Roast.

Dad LOVED to eat, and he loved many different types of food. He and Mom had that in common, and they definitely fostered it in all of us. While there are an infinite number of wonderful memories of Dad and our family, some of the sweetest memories involve the many meals we all shared together, and the many meals we all prepared together in Dad and Mom's house. We even took pictures in the kitchen, like this one a few Christmases ago, as we were preparing Christmas Eve dinner together, I think.

Dad also loved to go out to eat, and years ago, he discovered John Asquaga's Nugget in Sparks (near Reno), and their Pan Roast. It's an amazing seafood stew that he used to order at a bar there, and he loved it. He loved it so much that he talked John Asquaga into giving him the recipe, and he used to make it for us at home. Dee-lish. Tonight, Mom had Jim and me up to the house because she had some shrimp and scallops she wanted to she wanted us to make Pan Roast. Jim made it...and he did Dad proud. It was fantastic. And being with Mom and Jim in the house where Dad and Mom raised us, well, that was, of course, priceless.

Of course, we always have sourdough bread with the Pan Roast. Tonight, though, we had a special sourdough from Boudin's in San Francisco. Missy and Jim ordered Mom a "Seasonal Bread" one-year gift from them for her birthday -- she'll get roughly one seasonally-shaped bread every month or so. June's came today (yah, a little late, but it was obviously fresh!), and it was in the shape of a streetcar. Cool, huh? And tasty to boot.

And since my birthday -- spent this year in San Francisco -- Boudin's has special meaning to me, so that was priceless, too.

I know Dad would have enjoyed our dinner tonight. And I could feel him with us. Gotta love that.

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