Monday, January 10, 2011

Got My Picture Made

That's what they say in Tennessee -- you have your picture "made," not "taken," like we say out here on the Left Coast. And in early December, that's what I did. I've only sat for a "professional photo shoot" a few times in my life other than the usual school pics and wedding party photos, and I've never been a big fan. But Tomas Ovalle has changed my mind about that, as doing a couple photo shoots with him was FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

The original shoot, which was supposed to be just one "sitting," was for my freelance writing website. You know....the one that has yet to be created (that's a whole 'nuther story, but the website WILL be born this year -- I've promised myself!). Since thus far I have done mainly sports writing (and mainly cycling), I wanted not only office pics, but some pics of me playing, too -- cycling and running. Here's a sample of what he came up with...see what ya think.

This is my favorite "I'm a sports journalist, and this is how cool I can look in someone else's office 'cuz I usually work at home on my dining room table, and that's not very office-like" pic. We took the office pics in the office of Pinnacle Training Systems -- you know, the owner, Felicia Gomez, is my good friend and coach. The racer-dude in the background is Tim Loper, husband of one of my racer-chick friends, Tracy. I'm pretty sure that this'll make him famous some day.

I also like this one...

We spent a lot of time in the office, as it took a long time for me to feel comfortable enough that Tomas could get some decent shots. has always been a challenge for me to take "posed" pics, and Tomas was so patient, and relaxed.

So, after the office shots, we headed to Woodward Park for some running shots. And I like these two best:

Loosening me up in the office shots took so long that we lost daylight before we could get bike shots taken, so we had to do another shoot over a week later. The first shoot had been such a good experience that I felt WAY more comfortable by this time, and I think Tomas had an easier time getting good ones....and he can really work some magic. We did some stills and action shots, and these are a few of my faves:

I like this one 'cuz he caught me smiling:

And I like this one 'cuz he caught me lookin' a little bad-ass.

I wasn't very good at this pose, but Tomas gave it a valiant try:

These, though, are definitely my faves:

So, by this second shoot, it was almost Christmas, so I got a wild hair, and asked some racer-chick friends to let Tomas take some snaps of us for my Christmas cards. It was FUN, FUN, FUN, and I think I'll have to make it an annual tradition....a different Santa-Hat-Biker-Chick pose each year! These were a few of my faves:

So there you go...a sample of my "photo shoot." Hopefully I'll get that freelance writing website done before I'm no longer recognizable in the photos....!


Megan My Day said...

I love the pics and you do look badass!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Kathie, I think the black and white one is my favourite.