Friday, January 7, 2011

Such the Anglophile

I just keep finding BBC series that I love....Just finished watching all of this.

Dawn French is HILARIOUS as a female vicar in a teeny-tiny English village. The supporting characters are also incredibly funny. Though I know next to nothing about the Church of England (other than the fact that Henry the VIII formed it when he split from the Catholic church so he could divorce Queen Katherine (sp?) and then marry Anne Boleyn), apparently this series was created in 1994 at the same time that female vicars were first being accepted by the church, amid great controversy.

Am sorry that I've now watched all of the episodes, and may have to buy the series when I get a chance.

This is a series that is still running, so hopefully I'll get to keep watching it for awhile.

It's from the creators of all of the American Law and Order shows, and it's very cool. Interesting to learn about various aspects of the British legal the fact that there are cameras in many, many public places. Yeesh, in the US, people have a fit just about the ones at stop lights.
Finished watching this series from the 90's awhile ago, and it's also good, but a mixture of drama and comedy.

Hamish is played by Robert Carlyle -- of "The Full Monty" fame -- and he is the constable in a teeny-tiny Scottish coastal village (do you see any themes here? Perhaps I come by my "small-town-mountain-girlish-ness" honestly by having descended from Scottish highlanders...) Each episode includes some wacky (and sometimes downright creepy) crime that Hamish has to solve with the help (and/or hindrance) of the wacky villagers. And his Westie is named "Wee Jock." I so want a Westie now...well, and Robert Carlyle.

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