Wednesday, November 5, 2014


My name has been legally changed.
We got the marriage certificate a couple weeks ago, and so I've begun the process of changing all of my -- and our -- formal records over. So far, I've taken care of the social security card and today, the driver's license. This is pretty much the busiest time of the Fall semester, so it's a bit challenging to fit in these little name-changing excursions around town, but it's kind of fun, too. 

Each time I get a new document, I look at it a a little kid or something. 
I keep checking my social security card to make sure it's really changed.

I love saying Reid-Bevington, too...but sometimes I forget. 
I've been trying to say it when I introduce myself to someone new, but when there's someone nearby who knows me, but doesn't know I got married -- at work, for instance -- it's a little awkward. 

And it's a long last name. Especially when you're used to a four-letter last name. A few people told me that I'd regret it...that it's a big pain on forms and explaining to people. I honestly don't think that day will come. I could be wrong. But I don't think so.

And some of my students have already found a way to deal with the length...the students on the JCAST Student Leadership Council that I advise are calling me "Dr. R-B." They get a kick out of it.
I do, too.

It's a little awkward at this point, yes...but I even love it with the awkwardness. I love that I have my dad's -- and my first family's -- name. And Bob's -- and his family's -- name. Together.  

And Bob is totally supportive of my keeping my family's name. 
I think he's proud that I have both names.
Yup. I like it. 

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