Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wedding Week

So, when we picked October 11 for our wedding day -- when I'm in school and Bob's super busy at work -- we knew it'd be a bit challenging. We both absolutely love the Fall in the Eastern Sierras, though, so we were more than willing to go for it.

Of course, Bob was a little more realistic than I was. The wedding was set for 2:00 on Saturday. I teach Thursday nights from 6:00 to 9:00. For months leading up to the "wedding week," I truly thought I would teach class Thursday night, as usual, and we'd head over to Bridgeport early Friday morning. After all, we'd have that afternoon and the next morning to get ready, right?

Yeesh. Thankfully, Bob knew much better, and convinced me we needed to take some extra time off work, and head over to Bridgeport on Wednesday morning.

Just packing the truck with everything we needed took quite a bit of time. 
We got to Bridgeport in the evening on Wednesday, just in time to have dinner with family -- including my uncle who'd come in from New Jersey -- and got up early on Thursday to go to Reno to buy all the supplies for the "Rehearsal BBQ" that would be Friday night at Mom's, and all the libations for the bar at the reception. Gotta love Costco.

On Friday morning before the rehearsal, we made our way to the Bridgeport Ranch Barns and Terrace -- site of the next day's reception -- to drop off bar supplies and arrange tables and chairs the way we wanted them. The three youngest nieces helped, and found time to explore the private bar upstairs in the barn.
 Quite the set-up crew.
Later that morning, Bob and I headed to the Mono County Registrar's Office to apply for our marriage license. It was starting to look pretty real.
Later in the day, the girls helped me work on the reception favors.

Naive Bride Mistake #672: Buying glitter tulle to hold the personalized M&Ms that would go into personalized shot glasses. Key word here is "glitter," which, as YOU likely realize, will fall off everywhere, including into the M&Ms that you'd like people to eat.

We spent a lot of time wrapping the M&Ms in plastic wrap before being able to tie them in the tulle.
But, I must say, they did turn out lovely.
So glad we had time!


Walkbucks said...

Just wanted to let you know I carved out time and got on your blog finally. I read everything way way back and realized how much I had missed reading your writing. Of course there was a life changing event in the mix - and I wish you and Bob nothing but blessings in that regard. Now that I'm current I'll stay current - keep on bl;ogging!

Kathie Reid said...

Awwwww...thanks, Gary!!! And thankfully the "life changing" is all for the good! Love being wife to my husband!