Wednesday, April 16, 2014

100 Days Project -- Day 18

Read to Me

In the three years we've been together, there have been a handful of times that Bob and I have spent a significant amount of time together in his truck. For instance, there have been multiple trips to Oregon, once for trailer-camping, and too-many-times-to-count for house hunting -- and buying -- in Bend. And last summer, we went to Montana for Caty and Andy's wedding in Glacier National Park.

We've spent HOURS in the truck together.

And it's actually quite nice. We spend time talking, viewing great American scenery, sometimes listening to music, and of course, sleeping. Well, I sleep. Bob drives. We're at the tail-end of a trip right now. It's my Spring Break, and we drove up to Bend to check on the house and spend time with friends, and are now taking our time getting back home by way of one night in Reno and one night in Bridgeport. On this trip, I spent a lot of our truck-time grading exams and catching up on work email.

But there's also been time to read to Bob while he's driving.

We're almost to the end of the Kindle version of this, which we started on our last trip to Bend, I think. It's been so interesting reading about the circumstances and historical events leading up to Kennedy's assassination. Today, just about 20 miles out of Bridgeport, we made it through the assassination itself, and Bob had a difficult time understanding me through my sobs. Powerful stuff.

When we went to Montana last summer, Caty's brother's partner told us about this book:

We bought it before we left Glacier National Park, and read it on the way home. And I'm SO glad we didn't read it while still in the park. I would have had to stay in the truck the entire time. With a loaded rifle at the ready. It was terrifying.It's the true story of two deadly grizzly attacks that occurred in Glacier in the summer of 1967...on the same night. Chilling.

The first book I read to Bob in the truck was another exciting one that I'd read silently to myself years ago.

I was certain Bob would really like it, and was right. He was mesmerized, as I was.

And so began our tradition of reading great books aloud together while traveling.

Looking forward to reading the rest of "Killing Kennedy" tomorrow. I hope we have enough miles left.


justme said...

We love you and Bob! Joe and I have spent many miles enjoying books the same way. Now I have new titles and a new itch to go on a road trip.

Kathie Reid said...

Glad we could inspire, Leslie! You'll have to let us know what you read next!