Tuesday, May 20, 2014

100 Days Project -- Day 52

The Big Screen on the Home Screen

In the last four days, I've seen four great movies. Bob and I watched two of them together, and I watched the other two on my own while stretching after a run and/or while doing a core workout.

We saw these two together -- both are based on true stories:

"Captain Phillips" is gripping, to put it lightly. And "The Monuments Men" is an amazing story about events during World War II that I didn't know much about.

I saw these two on my own -- both are fascinating documentaries.

"The Street Stops Here" is about Bob Hurley, an incredibly dedicated former-parole-officer-turned-high-school-basketball coach. Definitely tough love. And "Prodigal Sons" at first appears to be about a transgendered woman's return to the Montana town where she grew up as a boy, but is really about the search for identity and love that is central to all of our lives.

Check out the trailers:

Captain Phillips

The Monuments Men

The Street Stops Here

Prodigal Sons

Gotta love home theater.

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