Monday, July 7, 2014

100 Days Project -- Day 93

Old-Fashioned Fun - Part 1

Ahhhh, July 4th in Bridgeport. The celebration has been going on annually for over 100 years -- seriously. This year, our friends Brian and Stella joined us from Fresno. While there are events scheduled over three days, this year beginning on the 4th and ending the 6th, we began our 4th with the parade (after eating at Hays Street Cafe, of course), and these are just some of the sights we saw while making our way from our motel to the Reid-parade-viewing-spot in front of Ken's Sporting Goods.

A flag outside the 1881 Coffee Cafe.
Brian's patriotic caboose. The Lions Club hands out flags along the parade route.
It's always fun seeing old friends while walking about -- Bob and Randy Hysell.
The parade announcer is on a flatbed trailer in the middle of the route, and balloons are released there to signal the start of the parade. Here, children take turns helping fill the netting.
Once at Ken's, we greeted family and friends. Here is my big brother, Bill, and his lovely bride, Cathy.
And not far behind were their three girls: Abbey, Alyssa and Emma.

Emma and Alyssa model their 4th of July shirts, designs courtesy of big sister and budding artist, Abbey.
Cool, huh?!
Lily Tomlin?! No! My youngest niece, and daughter of big brother Jim and his lovely bride, Missy: Lacey. She's parked in front of Ken's.
And, of course, her cousins joined her on the chair for the photo op.
When I called for a "silly pose," this is what transpired.
And look! It's Sofia, Tim and Aimee Brewster's youngest, all dolled-up in her patriotic best! Poor big sister Destiny and mom Aimee were home, as Destiny was having stomach troubles.
We knew the parade was about to begin when a group walked the balloon net...
...out in the middle of the street...
...and set them free!
...up and away!
The parade had started from the west end of town, but there was plenty of time to visit with friends a bit more. Here, Bob poses with my old friend, Sara Mietzner (Eidson), to his right. She is next to Brenda Lacey, whose husband is one of the owners of Centennial Ranch, and Julie Hanson and her family. Sara, Brenda and Julie all went to school together in Ventura and are lifelong friends. Sara's dad, Willard, and my dad went on the CHP together years ago and our families are very close.
See? Sara loves my mom!
The first parade entries reached us.
Abbey, Emma, and Alyssa saluting during the National Anthem.
Another photo op in between parade entries.
Part of the excitement for the kids along the route is the candy that is thrown from many of the can see my nieces have bags in anticipation of  the "loot"!
Even Briley, Kim and Marcus's daughter, is ready to claim candy.
There was much more to come, of course, but this is long enough for now. To be continued tomorrow!

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