Thursday, July 10, 2014

100 Days Project -- Day 96

Location Scouting and "The Ask"

When we went to Bridgeport for the 4th of July, in addition to enjoying the holiday festivities, we made time to drive up into the mountains to scout a location for our wedding in October. We knew the general area we wanted -- somewhere above Summers Meadows -- but needed to look through our "we're going to get married here" lenses to see what we think will look and feel best.  
 We had a little help. (And unbeknownst to them, we also had a little surprise in store for my nieces!)
Bill, Cathy, Abbey, Alyssa, Emma, Brian and Stella all joined us in our hunt. Sometimes we walked from potential spot to potential spot (or ran, in Emma's case)...
 ...and sometimes we loaded up in the trucks to get to the next place.
The girls had never ridden in the back of a truck before, and were thrilled we let them once we were driving slowly around the meadow areas.
We're pretty sure we'll have the ceremony against some aspens, which, if we've timed things right, will be bright yellow on our big day.
Of course, there was time for just messing around, too, so we weren't sure what Brian and Stella were up to when they headed off into some of the trees...
 ...but they just wanted to take advantage of the Kodak moment. Gorgeous couple, yes?
Of course, we had to have a few shots once they'd finished theirs, and Bob got a little silly with his hat.
 But then we settled in to a real pose. Awwwwww!
While the four of us were off in the trees, the girls were still in the back of Brian's truck, and were making Bill and Cathy pose for their iPhone. All we heard was very loud laughter, and apparently this was when they ordered their parents to kiss for the camera. Eeeeeeewwww!
 Gotta love these girls!
 We set off to explore another spot, and Bob led us into some trees.

We liked the looks of this, and though the girls were a little tired by this point, and mainly wanted to stay in the truck, we coaxed them out. We told them we thought we'd found the spot, and wanted to see what the spot would look like with people standing where we'd be, so we lined them up...
...and I told them Bob wanted to ask them something...

 ...and he proceeded to tell them that we want them to be a part of our big day...
...and asked if they would be in the wedding with us...
Can you tell they said yes?! Frankly, their reaction was just about as magical to me as Bob's marriage proposal on the courthouse steps over Thanksgiving -- not quite, but close. It was heartwarming, and FUN!!! Of course, we missed having Lacey, Missy, and Jim there -- we'd invited them, but they are pretty busy with Ken's and friends over the 4th, and didn't make it, but we asked Lacey later, and she's in, too!
The discussion quickly turned to attire for the wedding. Emma had asked me much earlier (or perhaps it was Abbey) if I was going to wear high heels, and I said that, given the terrain, I'm going to wear cowboy boots under my dress. This was the girls' reaction when I said they could, too, if they want. 
After enjoying the moment a bit longer, we then loaded up the trucks again, and headed down lower in the meadows to look at a more open area.
Though we're unlikely to have the ceremony so far out in the open and away from trees, we wanted to see what it looked like so we could rule it out altogether, or keep it in our list of possibilities.
And Alyssa was really glad we stopped this last time, as Brian found an animal skull that he generously gave to her. Now that's a treasure any 10-year-old mountain-girl-at-heart would love!
What a great afternoon!

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