Tuesday, July 8, 2014

100 Days Project -- Day 94

Old-Fashioned Fun - Part 2

You'll recall that when we left off yesterday, the Bridgeport 4th of July parade entries had just started making their way past our viewing spot in front of Ken's Sporting Goods. 
Emma, Alyssa, and Lacey are happy it's finally started.
In addition to watching the parade, it's always fun to check out the crowd's red-white-and-blue garb.
Briley got the most votes for "cutest patriotic shoes."
Don't know this little guy, but loved his spirit.
Of course, these two don't even need Independence Day duds to get our attention.
Peter and Garth taking in the scene.
The Mono Council of Arts did this float, filled with kids, and a silhouette of Half Dome.
The theme of the parade this year was Celebrating Yosemite's 150 Years.
So cool to see so many kids enjoying the show. One of the traditional -- and most popular -- attractions in the parade is the Hunewill Guest Ranch. Families staying out at the ranch, located about 3 miles outside of town, ride in the parade. Some families have been doing it for generations.
Lynda Pemberton, who is VERY INSTRUMENTAL in making sure the great 4th of July Celebration happens each year, always enters a float for the Jolly Kone -- and it's usually filled with kids, as it was this year.
 Don't you love my oldest niece's smiling eyes?
 Every parade needs old cars.
 Well, and tractors.
This is Sandy Pritchett and Gretchen Montgomery, playing flutes and intermittently doing cheers. I'm not too sure what that was about either, but it was fun. And Sandy was my high school guidance counselor. No wonder I know how to have a good time.
Mary Myers, whose family owns quite a few businesses in town, passed away a few years back, and every year since, her family has entered her Mercedes in the parade in her honor. Very nice.
I'm guessing this was a Forest Service float since it honors the Hoover Wilderness, which is between Bridgeport and Yosemite.
 Abbey, Bill, and Mom, hanging out in the shade by the fish cooler. Not a bad spot on such a hot day.
 Anne Minder, driving a family truck with all the kids in the back -- sa-wheet!
 The entries go by twice, once in each direction, so this is the Jolly Kone float coming by us again.
 And I think all these bikes are mini-Padillas...but am not sure!
 Loved this flag on Bridgeport Reservoir RV Park and Marina's float.
This car, belonging to Augie Hess of Lee Vining, has been in the parade as long as I can remember. And it's still beautiful.
 On the first pass, none of the floats threw candy where all our kids were watching...
 ...but finally this truck came by...
 ...and the flood gates opened!
 The Bridgeport Indian Colony had some young dancers entered, and they were great.
 This looks like it's from Toon Town.
 Brian and Stella's first 4th of July parade in Bridgeport...I believe they had a good time!
 Bodie State Park also always has a float, usually with a scene of some kind from Bodie.
The Tour de France has its "lanterne rouge," the last man to cross the finish line -- he ceremoniously holds a red lantern so he can be seen at night because he's taken so long to complete the race -- and the Bridgeport 4th of July parade has the fire truck!
Another small town parade in the books. Tomorrow? Pics from the Ranch Rodeo and bbq'in' at the Reids for fireworks!

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