Tuesday, July 15, 2014

They're Heee-eeere!

Mom, Bill, Cathy, Abbey, Alyssa, Emma, and Lacey arrived early this afternoon. And within less than 10 minutes, my four nieces were in the swimming pool.

About two hours into today's pool-time, I asked Abbey, "So, will you guys get bored tomorrow, just hanging out in the pool all day?"

Her reply? "Oh, no...as long as we can swim, get out to eat, then swim again, then get out to eat a second time, and then swim again? We'll be good all day."

I believe her.

 Abbey wanted a shot of her flipping her hair. I think this qualifies.
 Lacey hamming it up for the camera.
 So shy and timid, this one.
 Alyssa's turn with Lacey's goggles.
 I have no explanation for this.
 "Help! I've fallen into a rubber raft, and I can't get up!"
 Little Mermaid.
 After Bob bbq'd hamburgers for our dinner, we gave Mom a belated birthday present.
 And, you guessed it...the girls watched from the pool.
 Bob and Bill, sizing up the present-opening.
 Front row seats.
Must rest now. There's a lot of splashing to do tomorrow.

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