Thursday, July 31, 2014


I got this card in the mail yesterday.

And this is what it said inside:
Bill, Cathy, Abbey, Alyssa, and Emma sent it to me. Bill had bought it before they visited on my birthday, but forgot it at home. So, they all signed it as a "thank you" card, and sent it anyway. How cool is that?

I love getting cards. And I love giving and/or sending cards. I gave this to Bob this year.

Gotta appreciate the inside.
And I left this one on the bed yesterday morning 
so he'd find it as he was packing to go out of town for work.

He keeps all the cards I give him. They're in his sock drawer. Well, enough have accumulated that they're in a few drawers now. 
I keep quite a few cards I receive, too. 
My friend, Juli, has a wonderful habit of sending me cards for almost no reason. Getting a card out of the blue...that's pretty nice.

She also sends them to me for a reason.
 Like this one that she sent just before I took a one-year-leave-of-absence to do some freelance magazine writing in Colorado.
My friend Pat sends really great cards, too, all the way from Texas.
 They always make me crack up.

And my mom's even been known to send some pretty racey ones.

Don't you love cards?!

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